Twenty Thirteen & Fourteen Theme Color Managers For WordPress

Nick Halsey is a WordPress core contributor, plugin developer, and a classical composer & arranger. He has developed many WordPress plugins, in this tutorial we are discussing about two color manager plugins (Thirteen Colors & Fourteen Colors) he made for customizing the colors of Twenty Thirteen & Twenty Fourteen themes.

Thirteen Colors

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Thirteen Colors enables you to edit the bold colors of the Twenty Thirteen WordPress Theme, directly within the customizer.

Whereas, Fourteen Colors is for the website owners who are not a big fan of green and black but loves the layout of Twenty Fourteen, the new default WordPress theme.

Fourteen Colors

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This plugin provide you the most efficient way to re-color the Twenty Fourteen theme. It provides you two color pickers, which together controls:

  • Header/Sidebar/Footer Background Color
  • Featured Content Background Color
  • Link Color
  • Search Bar Color
  • Navigation Menu Hover Colors
  • Text Selection/Highlight Color
  • Audio/Video Player Colorschemes and more…

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