How To Crosspost From WordPress To Tumblr?

Crossposting from WordPress to Tumblr is easy, you can keep your WordPress blog completely in sync with your Tumblr blog and then you can easily control everything from your WordPress admin area. Tumblr Crosspostr is an awesome WordPress plugin that lets you cross-post published WP posts to your Tumblr, even the changes made to your WordPress posts also get reflected to your Tumblr posts.

How Tumblr Crosspostr Works?

The plugin posts your entries to Tumblr everytime you hit the “Publish” (or “Save Draft”) button and keeps all your posts to sync using simple API and hence whenever you edit your post in WordPress, the plugin updates them to your Tumblr posts.

The plugin works intelligently and keeps your private WordPress posts as private Tumblr posts, and second good this about the plugin is when you delete any post from WordPress, it gets deleted from your Tumblr too. Scheduled WordPress posts gets automatically added to your Tumblr blog’s Queue.

The plugin uses WordPress post formats so that it can automatically choose appropriate Tumblr post type. Primary media for Tumblr post type is taken from the first detected image, video embed, etcetera.

How To Setup Tumblr Crosspostr For Your WordPress Site?

Install and activate Tumblr Crosspostr plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Tumblr Crosspostr settings page and connect to your Tumblr. You can connect WordPress with your Tumblr by entering the API, you can easily create and get your Tumblr API & Secret Key by following its link there. As shown in the above given screenshot.

After allowing plugin to access to your Tumblr account, you will be able to access the remainder of the options page. Now choose at least one default Tumblr blog to send your crossposts to, so this option is highlighted if it is not yet set. Set your cross-posting preferences and click “Save Changes.” Now you’re ready to crosspost.

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It allows you to optionally choose not to crosspost individual WordPress posts from the Tumblr Crosspostr custom post editing box. It also enables you to send a specific post to a Tumblr blog other than the default one you selected in the previous step.

For Better Results:

For better results it is advised by this plugin developer use a WordPress theme that supports all WP post formats that your Tumblr theme supports.

WordPress post format to Tumblr post type mapping looks like this:

  • WordPress’s Standard, Aside, and Status post formats become Tumblr’s Text post type
  • WordPress’s Image post format becomes Tumblr’s Photo post type
  • WordPress’s Video post format becomes Tumblr’s Video post type
  • WordPress’s Audio post format becomes Tumblr’s Audio post type
  • WordPress’s Quote post format becomes Tumblr’s Quote post type
  • WordPress’s Link post format becomes Tumblr’s Link post type
  • WordPress’s Gallery post format becomes Tumblr’s Photoset post type (soon be implemented)
  • WordPress’s Chat post format becomes Tumblr’s Chat post type (soon be implemented)

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