Easily Show Tumblr Posts Via Ajax In Your WordPress Site

Tumblr Ajax is the new WordPress plugin that lest you display your Tumblr site posts in WordPress using an easy sidebar widget. The plugin shows posts using AJAX/Javascript / Client-side HTML requests and is very good for the web hosting servers that doesn’t allow external HTTP requests or where such are preferred to be minimal.

Using Tumblr Ajax PluginYou Can:

  • Display Tumblr posts, photos, videos and audios using a widget or inside a post or page.
  • It provides you styles to allow for customization.
  • Various useful widget options.

How To Use Tumblr Ajax Plugin?

  1. Install and activate Tumblr Ajax plugin.
  2. Now adding its widget to sidebar or any other widget area configuring it accordingly.
  3. You can play around with the various styles and options to find what works best for your site.
  4. For changing the CSS styles of Tumblr Posts, you can over-ride, using your own Stylesheet, the plugin’s default.css mark-up styles.

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