How To Create Tiled Gallery Carousel Without Jetpack In WordPress?

Tiled gallery is the an elegant way of displaying photo galleries in WordPress, the good thing about tiled galleries is, they automatically organizes all photos a responsive way that they appear all fixed inside your post without leaving any blank space.

Default WordPress galleries shows up images in columns, suppose you have five images assigned to three columns then it would be showing three images in first line and two in the second line leaving a blank whitespace in third column which doesn’t appears to be good. But this is not with tiled galleries. Tiled galleries automatically fixes up all images in a mosaic view that they don’t show up any blank space.

Jetpack plugin already provides you features for displaying tiled mosaic and other styles of galleries. But this lesson shows you how to do it without Jetpack because if you are not a Jetpack user then there is no reason of installing such a heavy plugin only for displaying tiled galleries.

How To Create Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack In WordPress?

Making Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack

Simply install and activate Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack plugin, that’s it. There are no configuration settings.

Now for creating a new gallery, visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page and click ‘Add Media’ button.

How To Create Tiled Galleries Carousel Without Jetpack In WordPress? 2

Click ‘Create Gallery’ from the left section, upload the image files and click ‘Create a new gallery’ button on the bottom right corner.

From the right column, use drop down box for selecting ‘Tiled Mosaic’ and insert the gallery.

Now preview the post to see how it looks like. Also read, How To Set Custom Width For Tiled Photo Galleries In WordPress?

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