How To Use Custom Bullet Points In WordPress?

Both ordered and un-ordered lists can easily be inserted in WordPress posts and post types using visual editor. Default un-ordered list shows up old open and MS office days black pin points. In this tutorial we will show you how you can insert custom bullet (un-ordered list) points in custom colors on your WordPress site.

There are many good shortcode plugins which provides you tons of beautiful post presentation options (including bullets) and we have also discussed about them earlier. Here’s we will be using Shortcodes Ultimate plugin for inserting custom lists inside your posts, pages and custom post types etc.

You can use the plugin features inside your posts, pages, custom post types, it also provides you a special shortocde widget.

How To Create Custom Bullet Points?

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[heading]Step By Step Instructions[/heading]

Suppose you want to show up an unordered list in yellow color check sign.

First of all make sure that Shortcodes Ultimate plugin is installed and active on your WordPress site.

Visit your admin area dashboard Posts -> Add New page.

Click ‘Insert Shortcode’ button and select ‘Lists’ option.

How To Use Custom Bullet Points In Your WordPress Site? 1

You can upload custom icon for your list or pick a built-in icon using ‘Icon Picker’ button. You can also set a custom color to be applied to the selected icon.

How To Use Custom Bullet Points In Your WordPress Site? 2

Insert the shortcode.

You will be seeing opening and closing shortcode tags inside your content like this: [list icon="icon: check-circle" icon_color="#ffcc00"][/list]

Now place the cursor before closing shortcode tag [/list] and type your unordered list using same old WordPress visual editors unordered list button.

How To Use Custom Bullet Points In Your WordPress Site? 3

Publish the post and the bullet point dots will get automatically replaced with new custom icons or the uploaded image.

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