How To Automatically Promote Your Old WordPress Posts On Facebook?

There are many ways of promoting your old blog posts like you can automatically post them on Facebook or you can tweet them or randomly bump a post to the top of your homepage etc. Earlier we have discussed about some easy ways of promoting old WordPress posts. In this tutorial we will explain you how you can automatically promote your old posts on Facebook.

Share Old Post LITE

Share Old Post LITE is the WordPress plugin with free and premium features. Install and activate it, after activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Share Old Posts Lite -> Facebook page and turn on the ‘‘ option.

Set the interval time between two shares, in free versions it is 12 hour.

Define the minimum and maximum post age in days, number of posts to share which is again a premium option (in free versions it is 1 post). You can also exclude categories which associated posts will not be shared.

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Finally, you can save the settings and manage your Facebook profiles.

The plugin also allows you to auto share old posts on Twitter from Dashboard -> Share Old Posts Lite -> Twitter page. It also has some premium options but you can do that completely free of cost using other plugins like Tweetily – Tweet Your Posts Automatically!.

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