How To Insert Shortcode Less Buttons In WordPress?

In general most WordPress button plugins provides you shortcodes for inserting various kinds of buttons in a post, page and other custom post types. In this tutorial we are discussing about a completely different plugin which provides you a visual way of adding CSS buttons inside the post editor screen and to your themes.

Forget About Shortcode Buttons

And instead of displaying shortcodes in your visual editor screen, the plugin inserts real, styled buttons and makes the process of adding buttons more natural. This way you can easily know what buttons you have inserted in your post and where.

To start using it in your WordPress site, first makes sure you have updated your WordPress installation to newer version of WordPress. The plugin doesn’t works nicely with older WP versions, the versions released before WordPress 3.9.

How To Use ‘Forget About Shortcode Buttons’ Plugin?

Install and activate Forget About Shortcode Buttons plugin. After activation create a new post or open any old post for editing. In your WordPress visual editor, you will be noticing a new button with ‘Insert’ label.

Forget About Shortcode Buttons 2

Now for inserting a button in your post, click that ‘Insert‘ Button. It popups a box where you can create and design your new button. Simply add your button text and the URL, choose text color, background color.

Forget About Shortcode Buttons 3

Click ‘Type‘ menu and select your button style and size. Another tab with ‘Icon‘ label lets you add icons (iconic fonts) before of after your button text. When you’re done with the options, insert the button and it would be appearing exactly same as it would appear on the frontend of your post.

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