How To Auto Generate Posts And Other Content In WordPress (For Testing Purpose)?

Every time any developer creates any new theme or plugin or when you design your client’s website or while checking for new plugins and hacks etc, there is always some need of custom data like posts, pages, comments, users, tags & categories etc (it depends) in order to check the working of any plugin or whatever you are developing.

Earlier we have discussed about auto-generating default data like status updates, activity streams, groups, members etc in BuddyPress powered social networking websites.

Now today we will be showing you how you can easily do same with your WordPress site. Yes, it is possible to create tons of posts, users, taxonomies and more in just one easy click and afterwards you can delete all that content in bulk.

FakerPress is a very good and easy plugin by Gustavo Bordoni and Luan Cuba. As clear from its name, the plugin allows you to auto-generate fake data in your WordPress site.

How To Generate Fake Content Using FakerPress?

Install and activate FakerPress plugin. After activation visit your admin area dashboard -> FakerPress -> Posts page and type in the quantity of content you like generating then fill up selections for Posts, Custom Post Types, Users, Tags, Categories and Comments.

FakerPress 1

Now click ‘Generate‘ button and in a few seconds you will be having all fake content in your website.

How Clean Up All Fake Content From Your Website?

FakerPress 2

When you are done with testing, visit your admin area dashboard FakerPress -> Settings page, type in ‘Let it Go’ and click ‘Delete‘ button to erase all auto-generated data.

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