Auto Generate Menu From Page Order And Hierarchy In WordPress

Instead of creating menus one by one now you can automatically generate it matching your page order and hierarchy in WordPress.

Auto Menu From Pages is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to generate menu from page hierarchy. The generated menu automatically updates to reflect any changes you make to pages in your WordPress site. Hence, it is always current and live.

It works works just like any other WordPress navigation menu which means you can assign it to any menu location of your website’s theme or show it using any custom menu widget or do anything else that you could normally do to a navigation menu in WordPress. 

Start by installing ‘Auto Menu From Pages’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Menus screen and select “Auto Menu From Pages” menu to edit (this should automatically happen upon activation).

Auto Menu From Pages 1

Now assign the auto menu to menu location, just like you do for manually generated menu.

You can also hide any page from this menu: For hiding a page from auto-menu, tick “Hide from the auto menu” checkbox when editing that page.

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