EasyWeather Widget For Displaying Weather Data And Forecast In Your WordPress Blog’s Sidebar

WordPress Plugins Repository has a new WordPress plugin that lets you display simple and lightweight weather forecast widget that displays weather forecast data from Wunderground.Com to your website.

Simply install and activate EasyWeather Widget. It requires Wunderground API key which you can get easily from here.

EasyWeather WordPress Widget

Widget Features:

  1. Metric and imperial units
  2. Simple, lightweight and easy to use
  3. You can easily define your own refreshing interval time in minutes
  4. Doesn’t need own weather icons, it automatically downloads them from Wunderground
  5. Multilingual, currently it supports English, German, Italian and Slovene. Ready for translation in other languages

If you are willing to translate this plughin in your language then you can easily start. Simply edit weather-language.php in easyweather-widget folder. You must add new array, edit languange settings and translate their values:

$weather_language[‘en’] = array(
“description” => “English”,
“refreshed” => “Refreshed at”,
“error” => “No cities match your search query.”,
“Monday” => “Mon”,
“Tuesday” => “Tue”,
“Wednesday” => “Wed”,
“Thursday” => “Thu”,
“Friday” => “Fri”,
“Saturday” => “Sat”,
“Sunday” => “Sun”

After doing translation in your language, send it to myselfko@gmail.com.

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