How To Integrate Clicky Web Analytics Service In WordPress ?

Now you can easily integrate the Clicky web analytics service by Clicky.Com into your WordPress blog. Clicky by Yoast is a free WordPress plugin that provides easy integration of clicky web analytics to self-hosted WordPress blogs.  The plugin is easy to setup, simply install and activate it the visit its admin settings page and enter your Site ID, Key and Admin Key and you are done. It immediately starts working.


  1. Automatically adds your Clicky (from tracking code everywhere.
  2. Provides option to ignore admins.
  3. Provides option to store names of commenters.
  4. Provides option to disable the use of cookies.
  5. Stores comments as an action using the getClicky internal data logging API. This requires a pro account to work.
  6. Option to track posts & pages as goals and assign a revenue to that page or post.
  7. An overview of your site’s statistics on your dashboard.
  8. Easily add outbound link pattern matching for affiliate links etc.
  9. Adds a small jetpack like stats indicator of visitors in the last 48 to the WordPress toolbar.

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