How To Convert Your Email Address Into A Short, Safe & Shareable Link ? is a free online service which allows you to convert your email address into a safe and small link you can share on world wide web. You can use it in activity streams of social media & networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, forums, craigslist or anywhere else you like.

Why Use This Email Converter ?

Sharing your email address in plain text format on different social media & networking websites, forums, classified websites etc causes email related spams like spambots. Email harvesters are constant in browsing Internet to collect new victim emails addresses. is a free service you can use for safely sharing your email address on different websites.

How To Convert Email Address In To A Safe Shareable Link ?

Email Converter

  1. Visit
  2. Type in your email address and select a URL slug
  3. Click ‘Protect my Email’ button.
  4. That’s all, now you can share this link anywhere you like.

How It Works ?

The service converts your email address like ( into a safe and short URL (like You share it on websites. For example:

Suppose you are using it in your Tweet, you can use something like this:

Hello friends! Read my interview at and send your comments at

Now netizens willing to email you will go to this URL that will reveal your email address after a simple test which is fun for humans but automated scripts and bots cannot pass through it easily.

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