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How To Center Align Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme With CSS?

Twenty Fourteen is the a beautiful and responsive WordPress theme official released by Automattic. But some bloggers don’t like its left alignment as that makes the website stick to the left leaving some spcae on the right side on big screens, whereas on small screens it is left unnoticed.

Likewise Fourteen Extended plugin (which was designed to tweak Twenty Fourteen theme) is missing from WordPress plugin repository (but is still available here). But the plugin is quite old so in this lesson we are sharing another easy way to center align the whole Twenty Fourteen theme on your website including its header, sidebars, content, footer etc.

How To Center Align Twenty Fourteen Theme?

All you have to do is add the following CSS on your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Additional CSS page.

#page {
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;

Alternatively, you may do this with Simple Custom CSS plugin. Simply navigate to Plugins -> Add New page to find and install Simple Custom CSS plugin.

After activation visit your admin area dashboard Appearance -> Custom CSS screen and add the given CSS code. Save your changes and the code will centrally align the Twenty Fourteen theme on your website.

You may also do this by creating a child theme and then adding this CSS in its style.css file

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