Enable 3 Menu Locations In New WordPress Admin Toolbar

Admin Toolbar Menus, a new WordPress plugin add 3 new menu locations to the WP toolbar and you can easily create your own custom toolbar menus with default WordPress menus functionality present in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus page. It supports multi level navigation and works seamlessly with existing toolbar menus.

To start install and activate Admin Toolbar Menus plugin. Upon activation you can create menus suing default menus feature present in appearance section and then your can add menus to your admin bar from ‘Manage Locations’ tab present in Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus admin page:

  • First menu location is under the ‘Site Name’ menu dropdown on the left side.
  • Second menu location is along the main admin toolbar.
  • Third menu location is under the ‘Howdy’ dropdown.

The plugin automatically removes WP admin bar Logo menu present in the top left corner of the toolbar and this makes your admin bar ready for the front-end use for your site visitors. Other features of the plugin includes:

  • Simple toolbar menu customization using WordPress menus
  • Removes WP logo menu from the top left of admin toolbar
  • Seamless integration with the existing WordPress menus
  • No Settings, just ‘plug and play’

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