How To Deactivate All Plugins When Unable To Access WordPress Dashboard ?

Sometimes when you activate any wrong conflicting plugin, your WordPress admin section disappears. You can easily overcome this by three different methods discussed here.

Method-1 Delete The Plugin Causing Conflict

And if you don’t know plugin’s name then jump to other method.

Method-2 Deactivating All Plugins Using FTP

For deactivating all plugins via FTP open your site’s wp-content directory and rename the plugin directory to something else. Now after successfully logging in to your WordPress admin section again rename plugin’s directory back to original.

Now activate plugin’s one by one until your dashboard locks up again. In this way you will be knowing the plugin causing problem. When you exactly know the plugin causing issue, follow method one.

Method-3 Deactivate All Plugins From PhpMyAdmin

If you use PhpMyAdmin, open your database and move to wp_options table. Check for “active_plugins” option and edit value to this: a:0:{}

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