How To Make WordPress Admin Bar Slide?

You make WordPress admin bar slide by replacing it with an admin button, it saves your frontend space without completely disabling or hiding the toolbar. Admin Bar Button is a WordPress plugin which upon activation replaces the default WP admin Bar on the front end with a simple slide button. Clicking this admin button slides and displays the admin bar and makes it accessible for you and other users of your website.

The feature is highly customizable, you can edit the button text, set text direction from left to right or right to left, you can set the button position; default location of the button is on the top left corner of your screen but you can change it to top right or bottom left/right.

There are various other customization settings which allows you to activate button on click and hover (default) or just click or just hover. You can set slide duration in milliseconds, change slide direction from left to right, upside or downwards and more.

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To start up using this feature in your WordPress site, simply install and activate Admin Bar Button plugin. After activation you can make your customizations from Dashboard -> Settings -> Admin Bar Button page. However, no user interaction is required by the plugin; if you wish, you can just install and activate it and it’ll start working right away.

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