Top 10 Plugins For Customizing The New WordPress Admin Toolbar

New WordPress admin bar has new CSS, options and code. Hence all old abandoned plugins doesn’t works for it anymore. There are some useful hacks for customizing the behaviour of this new admin bar. For example: New versions (3.8+ versions) of WordPress provides you a new set of admin area themes and new visual changes. They provides you ability to select from eight different color schemes. However, the themes are not applicable on front end admin bar. Hence, by default the front end admin toolbar always shows its default color.

In this tutorial we are providing you a list of some good WordPress plugins you may use for enabling the admin color scheme on front end admin bar, hiding the admin bar, adding a login form to it and making many more customizations as per your requirement.

[heading]WordPress All In One Admin Bar[/heading]

This plugin allows admin to add WordPress and custom menus to admin bar, change admin bar and menu background and text styles, enable toggle / auto hide admin bar modes, add custom logo to admin bar and much more.


  • Change the “Howdy” greeting message.
  • Add new custom logo to admin bar.
  • Hide Links : WordPress, BuddyPress, BuddyPress Links, SEO By Yoast, bbPress, W3 Total cache, rtMedia, Events Manager links in admin bar and main menu. (My account menu).
  • Hide admin bar according to the user roles. Compatible with s2member framework.
  • Move admin bar to bottom.
  • Toggle / Auto hide admin bar.
  • Change admin bar and menu background colors using with or without CSS gradient patterns or/and background images. Ten (10) gradient patterns are available.
  • Add CSS shadows to texts, menus and menu items. Twelve (12) menu shadows and Twenty (20) menu item shadows are available.
  • Add WordPress menus to admin bar with menu icons.
  • Add custom menus (depth 2) to admin bar with menu icons.
  • Apply custom CSS codes to admin bar.

[heading]Custom Admin Bar[/heading]

With Custom Admin Bar you can provide access to anything on the web from a convenient drop-down menu in the admin bar!


  • You can select a title or image (logo) for your main image
  • You can create as many drop-down links as you like
  • You can easily re-order the drop-down links
  • You can link to anything: admin area, public side, even another site!
  • Pretty-permalink awareness. So you only need to provide the slug of your page or post.

[heading]Admin Bar Button[/heading]

Replace the default WordPress Admin Bar on the front end with a simple button.

[heading]Admin Bar Color[/heading]

Use your favorite Dashboard color scheme on the front end admin bar. Version 3.8 brought a lot of visual changes, one being the ability to choose from eight color schemes for the Dashboard. However, on the front end, the toolbar is always shown with its default color, not matching your color choice.

[heading]Hide Admin Bar[/heading]

Simple plugin used to remove the Admin Bar in WordPress 3.1+

[heading]Enhance Admin Bar[/heading]

This Plugin Truly Enhances WordPress Admin Bar By Adding Many Useful Options For It, Like, Shortlink, Custom Menu in Admin Bar and a lot more.


  • Hide Admin Bar
  • Show Shortlink Options
  • Show “Move To Trash” Link
  • Add Custom Menu To Admin Bar
  • Show Codex Search
  • Show Media Search
  • Show Plugins Search
  • Show Themes Search
  • Add “Settings” Link
  • Move Admin Bar To Bottom
  • Remove “Comments” Link
  • Remove “Updates” Link
  • Remove Default “Shortlink” Link
  • Remove Search
  • Shortlink using bitly-api
  • Share On Twitter
  • Show Shortlink Stats

[heading]Bottom Admin Bar[/heading]

Move Admin bar to the bottom of your website.

[heading]Multisite Admin Bar Switcher[/heading]

The Multisite Admin Bar Switcher is a plugin written for WordPress Multi-Site that makes switching between sites easier with large numbers of sites. It replaces the built in ‘sites’ drop down with one which breaks the sites up by letter.

[heading]Logged Out Admin Bar[/heading]

Makes that admin bar always visible even for logged out users.

[heading]Admin Bar Login[/heading]

Displays login form inside the admin bar for logged-out users.

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