Google Drive – Share Your Files, Folders And Google Docs With Exactly Whom You Want

Google Drive lets you share your files, folders, and Google Docs with exactly whom you want giving you complete control.

  • Collaborate in real time with colleagues, classmates, or friends
  • Stop sending email attachments. Start sharing
  • Control who sees and edits your files with visibility options and access levels
  • Easily share your work with lots of people

You can pick a visibility option for each item in your Google Drive that you want to share and anaccess level for each person or group of people that you’ve shared something with.

Additionally you can do following things also:

  • Grab the link of a file, folder, or Google Doc to share with someone
  • See who has access
  • Add collaborators (editors, commenters, or viewers) by name or mailing list
  • Remove collaborators or change someone’s access level
  • Transfer ownership of your file to someone else
Visibility options let you control how people access your files, folders, and Google Docs. Anything that you create, sync or upload in Google Drive starts out as private.

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