How To Customize Your WordPress Login Screen ?

Easily customize your WordPress login screen. Design it. Make it good for your client sites.

Custom Login WordPress plugin lets you customize your login screen.

Install & activate this plugin and start customizing your WordPress login screen:

  1. Visit Settings->custom-login for editing your settings.
  2. Make sure to check activate on the settings page to remove the default login design.
  3. Design away.
Screenshot showing a customized login screen

Use the built-in and easy to use settings page to do the work for you. Theres no need to understand CSS at all! Now featureing a HTML & CSS box for advanced users to up the customization!

  1. Works great for client site installs.
  2. Comes with a Photoshop template included in the library files (default theme).
  3. Read more about the Custom Login Plugin & most recent blog post.

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