Good Writer Checkify: A Useful Blog Entry Coach For WordPress Users

This tutorial explains you how you can create a simple checklist reminding you of things you should do before posting an article in your WordPress site. For example: You can create a checkpoint list of adding Affiliate links, adding a post thumbnail i.e. featured image, inserting internal links etc according to your requirements.

So first of all install and activate Good Writer Checkify plugin. It allows you to create a checklist of points you should follow before posting an article:

  1. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Good Writer Checkify and type your points.
  2. Now tick “Show Checkbox’s in Post/Page-editing” for displaying your checkbox list in post admin pages.
  3. Finally click Save Changes button.

Now The Good Writer Checkify Meta-Box will sit conveniently under the post editor and will prompt you in meeting all or most of the guidelines.

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