How To Allow Visitors To Report Inappropriate Comments In WordPress ?

You can allows your visitors to report inappropriate comments present in your WordPress blog. All reported comments shows up in admin area Comments -> Reported page where admins can review them.

Simply install and activate Report Comments plugin. After activation the plugin adds a link after each button which allows your visitor to flag comments as inappropriate.

Administrator may review all the flagged comments from Dashboard -> Comments -> Reported admin page and easily manage them all.

Plugin Features

  1. Ability for visitors to report comments they find offensive.
  2. Once a flagged comment has been deemed ok, it wont be able to be flagged again.
  3. Flagging is done via ajax for smoother experience for the visitors.
  4. Decide whether all visitors or only logged in users can report comments.
  5. Fully localized. Comes with English and Swedish translations.

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