How To Start Email Marketing To Increase Sales & Traffic?

Email the most effective promotional tool on Internet and Express Email Marketing app enables you to build your mailing list and use it in various ways to increase your sales, your social media likes, your website traffic or whatever you are promoting through it. It is an email and social marketing app which provides you the most cost-effective way to connect with new & old customers and prospects.

Express Email Marketing is not just limited to emails but you can send, post, tweet, share and much more. Using Express Email Marketing, you become the master of communication. You can easily design and send an eye-catching emails to your old and future customers. You can post your latest sale on Facebook, you can tweet about your new products and you can reach out to more netizens, no matter where they are.

[heading size=”17″]Why You Should Go For Express Email Marketing?[/heading]

Following table shows why express email marketing is much better than other similar services out there on world wide web:

Express Email Marketing - Comparative Study

[heading size=”17″]How To Use Express Email Marketing?[/heading]

First of all subscribe your Email Marketting Plan here. What so ever email marketing plan you subscribe, with all plans you can: Send unlimited emails, Provides 160+ quick-start email designs, Huge 20,000+ image library, Automatic photo resizing, Ability to create both HTML & text emails, Easy Email Editor, Social media management tools, Sign-up form for your home page, Easy list import, Bounce & unsubscribe handling, Detailed reports, Survey builder, List Manager, Now-or-later scheduling etc.

After subscribing your plan, login to your account here you can manage your Express Email Marketing app in a few easy steps.

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  • Get subscribers: Gather email addresses, efficiently and legally, by adding our sign-up form to your website. Add the sign-up link to your email signature, your Twitter or Facebook account – even the closing line on your eBay® or Craigslist® entries.
  • Send your emails: Create great-looking emails. Choose from a truly stunning collection of over 160 ready-to-use designs. Add text and photos from our image library or upload your own – they automatically resize to fit your email!
  • Track the results: Easily generate reports that tell you how many emails you sent, how many were opened, how many people responded to individual offers or promotions, and more.
  • Get social: Increase results by automatically announcing your email offers on the top social networks. Maximize big announcements by updating all of your social media profiles at once. Track the activity on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn®, and MySpace® pages all from one screen.
  • Collect valuable feedback: Find out what your customers really want – create, send, and tabulate surveys with the survey tool.

[heading size=”17″]Main Features Of Express Email Marketing[/heading]

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Express Email Marketing provides you almost everything anyone needd to market the business like a pro.  It provides you power to do things yourself. With Express Email Marketing you don’t need to be a email template designing expert to create captivating emails. Even you don’t need to be active on web 24/7 to be a social media wiz. What you actually need is passion for your business and leave rest to Express Email Marketing. It comes packed with rich collection of powerful features:

  • Email campaigns: Provides you more than 160 ready-made designs, Huge 20,000+ image library, Option to upload your own images, HTML & text emails, Auto Save feature, Easy Email Editor, with drag-and-drop functionality, Now-or-later scheduling, Ability to tailor emails to various interest groups
  • Social marketing: Broadcast to multiple social networks with one click, Review and respond to your social contacts with a real–time Social Feed, Get the most out of your updates by easily adding images, See the activity on all your social networks from one screen
  • Survey builder: Write, send, and tabulate customer satisfaction surveys, 9 unique question types, Custom design features, Link generator (text & button)
  • List manager: Keep names, addresses, and campaign history at your fingertips, Unlimited list segmentation to send targeted offers to different audiences, View reports on subscriber responses, Easy import/export feature
  • Real-time reports: Undeliverable emails, Unsubscribe requests, Number opened, Click-through rates to your website
  • Sign-up forms: Easily add your sign-up form to any website, Standard & custom questions, Question sorting, Custom design features, Return links, Form preview, Link generator (text & button), HTML code for link
  • Other features include Bounce handling, Unsubscribe handling, Opt-in confirmation, Anti-spam protection, Spam reporting links, Custom e-mail messages and still there are more.


Express Email Marketing gives you email and social media marketing which helps you get more business. Emails, Facebook Posts, Twitter Tweets and other social posts keep customers coming back to your website again and again. What’s more, they increase website visitors, help close sales, and reduce marketing costs over time.

You can also make more money from old customers by importing your mailing list into list manager of Express Email Marketing. You can easily let your customers know about upcoming promotions, special offers and about your new products and services.

The real time stats provides you live reports on how many people received, opened, and acted on your emails  send via Express Email Marketing.

At the same time, its social media features multiplies your efforts, you can show that you care about customers by meeting them on their favorite online hangouts spots. You can communicate with thousands at once, things go more easy for others when you provide a solution to question someone asked you on Facebook, Twitter etc as your answer goes visible for everyone. Promotional efforts get automatically multiplied each time when anyone comment, like or share your messages with their network of friends.

Hence, Express Email Marketing is service must for all online & offline businesses, websites, celebrities and everyone who wants to reach out to more and more people on Internet.

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