Turn Featured Image As Favicon Or Favicon As Default Post Thumbnail In WordPress

Now you can use featured post image as favicon of that specific single post page. In this lesson you will see how to turn featured images as favicons and/or use default favicon as featured post thumbnail. 

Featured Favicons is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically turn post thumbnail as favicon (the icon image shown in browser’s tab, prefixed before your website title). It also provides you option to add a site wide favicon which is shown by default at the time when your post is missing featured image, on homepage, archive pages, tags, categories, custom taxonomies and other multipost pages.

It also allows you to turn favicon as default featured image. The plugin allows you to upload a high quality image which is shown as default featured image and automatically resized and displayed as favicon too.

Start by installing ‘Featured Favicons’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin automatically starts working. It turns featured images as favicons but make sure you don’t have any favicon file uploaded on your WordPress site’s root directory.

Featued Favicons

To set a default favicon for multipost and featured image-less posts: Visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Favicons page and upload your default favicon image.

If you like using default favicon as default post thumbnail then check the option ‘Use as default featured image’.

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