Explore Any Website – Check Duplicate Content, Broken Links, XML Sitemap, Internal PageRank And Much More

SiteLiner.Com is another free service by CopyScape which is the most popular search engine for checking your content against plagiarism and duplicate content.  Copyscape only checks for duplicate content between a single page and the entire web, but due to many received requests, the company created thus a tool that can detect duplicate content within one website only. SiteLiner.Com simply allows you to explore your website and check duplicate links, broken links, internal page ranks and much much more. Visit its Home Page, type your website address in text box and press GO button.

Explore Your Website

Explore Your Website Results

First screenshot is showing the home page of SiteLiner.Com where you can start simply by typing your or other’s website URL. Second screenshot is showing SiteLiner results for the domain WordPress.Org.

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