Easily Add A Floating Login Element In WordPress

Instead of traditional login widget you can fix a floading login element on the top of your website screen. Floating Login is the new WordPress plugin that automatically add this widget on your website and allows you to use a custom login & logout URL.

For instance: By default, WordPress automatically redirects user to admin area after successful login and redirect the to login screen when they logout from your website. 

Floating Login 1

By using Floating Login plugin you can change these URLs and redirect them to some other page. Other than this the plugin also allows you to enable or disable register link and use a custom registration URL on your website.

You can also disable profile URL and change profile text to username.

Floating Login 2

It also provides you certain styling option like options for changing element position from top right corner to top left, bottom right or bottom left. Use a custom background color, border color, text color and custom border width.

Start by installing ‘Floating Login’ in WordPress

Floating Login 3

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Loadting Login Settings page and choose you options.

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