Enable Hidden WordPress Features And Make It Look More Professional

Sometimes specially on client websites you like to hide and remove WP related information from the admin area dashboard or removing security related issues like removing unrequired information and features that could be used by remote attackers. WP Extra Settings provides you a groups of options you can enable or disable. It gives a list or checkboxes and you can disable unrequired functions simply by ticking them in its admin page.

What options WP Extra Settings plugin provides you?

Using WP Extra Settings plugin provides you options for enabling or disabling the functions active on dashboard, authoring and security related etc. Simply install and activate the plugin then visit Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Extra Options page and do as desired.


  • Hide WP version from meta tags
  • Hide login errors
  • Forbid file editing
  • Disable Live Writer link
  • Disable RSD services


  • Remove message from the footer
  • Hide WP version from the footer
  • Disable upgrade notice
  • Disable admin bar
  • Hide WP logo
  • Hide meta boxes


  • Show to users only their own posts in the dashboard
  • Allow contributors to upload media files
  • Notify users when their role change

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