Get Access To Hidden Google Chrome Features

There are various Google Chrome features which are left unseen on Chrome and About pages of a Chrome/Chromium browser. For example: Enabling password protection and multiple user accounts, we have already discussed about it here.

Internal Chrome features are not actually locked but are kept on certain URLs which can be accessed manually by the users but there are no links provided (by default).

A Google Chrome browser supports a number of offline URLs that lets you access various links to options and features like menu options and other hidden settings of a Google Chrome browser.

In this tutorial we show you how you can get access to all those pages, the internal Chrome URLs which are not easy to remember.

All you have to do is add ChromeAccess extension in your Google Chrome or Chromium browser.

Full Google Chrome Access 1

After this extension is added, it places its icon on the top right corner of your browser’s screen (right next to address bar). The icon simply provides you a dropdown menu with access to all ‘about:’ and ‘chrome://’ pages.

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