Easily Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Backend

Hide unnecessary items from WordPress backend. Make dashboard simple for clients so that they won’t get confused with many options which actually they don’t need.


Adminimize is a WordPress plugin that allows you to change administrative backend and easily assign rights on certain parts. Administrators ca enable or disable each an every part of menus, even submenus. Meta fields can be administered separately for posts and pages. Parts of writing menu can be deactivated separately for admins and non-admins. Backend header is minimized and optimized for giving you more space and structure of the menu gets changed to make it more logical – this all be done per user so each user can have his own settings. It has many more feature, read plugin’s page for learning more about it.

Installation & Usage

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Selecting Colour Scheme and Theme, selection in Your Profile, visit your User Profile from Users -> Profile
  3. Administrator can visit Options -> Adminimize menu and configure plugin (Menu, Submenu, Metaboxes, …)


Hide Unnecessary Items From WordPress Backend

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