Shardul Pandey Talks To Amber Noir About Her Debut Album

Shardul Pandey Talks To Amber Noir

I welcome you Amber at SANGKRIT, please tell our netizens about yourself.

I feel like I’ve always lived in a musical world. Instead of bedtime stories my dad used to tuck me and my siblings in and sing songs with us. I did a lot of musical theater in high school and later dabbled in opera, or as I like to call it the vocal olympics. You wouldn’t think it, but opera is a workout! I moved from Colorado to Hamburg Germany right out of High school where I lived for about 5 years, during this time I met my producer Nick Nowottny. I liked his long rockin died yellow emo hair, and he liked my wife beaters, and excessive eyeliner. Seeing that we were both such badasses we decided to try to write some music together.

Several years later, though our fashion choices have changed, Nick and I have a friendship and musical connection that I think will last a lifetime. We often joke that we are musical soul mates. I’m in Germany again right now and we are writing my first album together.

How long have you been working on your first Album for?

I came to Hamburg to record this album about 5 months ago. We are almost finished with the recording, which is good, because my visa runs out in August and I have to go back to the US!

What makes your endeavors unique ?

I think the connection between Nick and I is what makes this album unique, and the distance that I had to cross so that we could create this album together. I came all the way from Seattle because I know I could not have written the kind of album that I wanted to write with anyone else.

How would you describe your up coming album?

Well today we wrote a song about lasers, and yesterday we were working on a classical piece inspired by old fairytales. The album starts out classical and evolves into a more electronic feel, there is also some opera in it which I like to incorporate because it feels a little otherworldly to me. I love music because it can transport you to another place. When you are in your car driving to work, and you hear a song you love, you can go somewhere completely different in your mind. I hope when this album is finished it feels like a grand adventure.

Which song are you most excited for people to hear from your first album?

It’s really hard to chose a favorite, but the song I think I am most excited about is called Soft. It’s the most classical song on the album, and to me it feels very old and romantic.

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What’s next for you?

I’m going to go back to Seattle once we are finished recording, and I plan to start touring the Album in Europe next Summer.

What does success mean to you?

I think success definitely means something different for everyone. I don’t connect success to money or status. I think it’s all of the little joys that make for a rich life, and I try to learn something new everyday that interests me! Knowledge and happiness make me feel successful.

I am open for interviewing all those individuals who opt internet as their place of doing business, What is your opinion for continuing this ?

I think you should definitely keep up with interviewing people who do business via the internet. it’s a great mutually beneficial relationship.

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