Auto Hide Your WordPress Admin Toolbar On Frontend And/Or Backend

Earlier we have discussed about hiding WordPress admin toolbar completely from the frontend of your website. Now today in this lesson you will see how to use auto hide feature on admin toolbar and make it only visible when mouse is hovered on the top of your website’s screen. 

Auto Hide Admin Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically hide admin toolbar for frontend users. The WordPress toolbar disappear and then reappear when hovering the mouse pointer over the top of your web browser window.

Auto Hide Admin Bar 1

Using this plugin you end up with a clean view of your site, and at the same time keep having access to your WordPress toolbar.

Start by installing ‘Auto Hide Admin Bar’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Auto Hide Admin Bar screen and select your options. Here you can set animation speed, set interval for mouse polling and set it to always show on small screen devices.

Auto Hide Admin Bar

The plugin also provides you option to hide admin bar on backend i.e. admin area of your WordPress site.

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