How To Display Different Greeting Message To Visitor In WordPress Depending On Site They Are Getting Referred ?

WP Greet Box is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to easily display everytime a different greeting message to yourwebsite visitors on the basis of website they are coming from to yours.

Using WP Greet Box you can display a different greeting depending upon their referrer URL. There is a big list of supported referrer websites mentioned in the plugin’s page at WordPress.Org but still it allows you to add new referrers for displaying messages as per your need.

Installation & Usage:

  1. Install and activate it
  2. Visit your Dashboard -> Settings ->WP Greet Box for making any customizations
  3. You can test this plugin out by simply by Googling one of your post and clicking your site from there, now you should see the greeting message as customized for visitor from Google Search (view more screenshots here)

How It Works ? Its easy to understand, suppose a Digg user clicks your site link from from Digg. As he appears on yourwebsite he will be seeing a message reminding him to Digg your post or something like that. Another example is suppose a visitor clicks your site from Twitter, he would be getting a message that if he liked this tweet then he can retweet it again or to follow you on Twitter etc.

Also you can set a default greeting message for the visitors coming form the unmatched referrer URLs or from some RSS feed subscription etc. Now by keeping these targeted suggestions helps you to increase your blog’s exposure and get more social media followers because if a  person is coming to you from Facebook  means that he is currently logged in to his Facebook account and if you suggest him to like your page or link on FB, the chances are more in positive direction because it only needs a click.  The plugin provides you a widget range of features which are listed in a long list here on this plugin’s page.

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