How To Hide Dashboard Menu Items From Subsite Admins In WordPress?

Do you want to hide some specific admin menu items from subsite administrators on your WordPress multisite network? You can selectively hide side admin menus and their sub-menus from the admins of websites running on your multisite network.

Super-Admin Menu-Manager is the new WordPress plugin that provides you checkbox options to show or hide admin menu items sitewide or on selective websites for site admins. This is multisite only plugin programmed for superadmin users.

Earlier we have also discussed about a plugin that enables you to customize your WordPress admin area interface for selective user roles. Now WordPress multisite network superadmins can easily manage admin menu visibility for other site administrators.

Start by installing ‘Super-Admin Menu-Manager’ plugin in your WordPress multisite network installation.

How To Hide Menus Network Wide?

Upon activation, the plugin provides you simple multisite admin menu manager where you can manage all menus network wide.

How To Hide Menus On Individual Subsites?

All you got to do is visit the website Admin-> Tools-> Manage Menus and tick the menu items you wish to hide. Saved menu settings will be specifically for that site.

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