How To Reorder, Hide Or Add New WordPress Dashboard Menu Items ?

WordPress default admin area menu is perfect for bloggers but sometimes it may not meet your preferences. For example: When you are running a BuddyPress community site and you want BuddyPress admin controls to appear on top rather than Posts, Media and Pages menu. This tutorial explain you how you can easily reorder, remove or add new custom admin menus in WordPress.

Install and activate Admin Menu Editor Using this WordPress plugin you can edit WordPress admin menu like you can re-order menu links, hide or rename different menus, add custom menus links and more:

  1. Edit menu title, access rights, URL, icon and so on.
  2. Sort menu items via drag & drop.
  3. Hide/show any menu or menu item. A hidden menu is invisible to all users, including administrators.
  4. Move a menu item to a different submenu.
  5. Create custom menus that point to any part of the Dashboard or an external URL.

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