Easily Edit Standard WordPress User Roles Using User Role Editor

Easily change default WordPress user roles, add and remove capabilities. For example: you can give subscriber the right to edit post or you can take same right away from editor etc. In the same way you can easily edit all WordPress user roles or add new roles as per your like.

User Role Editor

User Role Editor is a WordPress plugin that simply adds a feature for site administrator to edit roles of site users.


  1. Edit Default User Roles
  2. Add new roles with new capabilities
  3. Change user capabilites

Installation and Usage

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Visit Dashboard ->Settings -> User Role Editor and edit out the roles according to your like

User Role Editor Screenshots

User Role Editor Main Form

Edit WordPress Default User Roles

Add/Remove Roles or Capabilities

Add New User Roles In WordPress

User Capabilities link

Change WordPress User Capabilities

Change Individual User Capabilities

Change Individual User Capabilities In WordPress

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