How To Assign Multiple Roles To A User In WordPress?

Earlier we have discussed the plugins that enable you to assign more capabilities to users and user roles. In this lesson, you will learn how to allocate multiple roles to any user in your WordPress site.

Role Includer is the new WordPress plugin that enables you to provide any user with the ‘promote_users’ capability and handle the allocation of roles.

Start by installing ‘Role Includer’ plugin in WordPress

Role Includer 1

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Users -> All Users page and select any user’s ‘Roles’ option.

Role Includer 2

It directs you to a page where you can include more roles to that user role and promote it. The plugin can be used in combination with other user role plugins like ‘User Role Editor’ and ‘Capability Manager Enhanced’.

To start, visit your admin area dashboard Users -> Roles Includer and click the ‘Plugin Suggestions’ tab.

Now tick checkbox option to enable installation prompt and force plugin activation. Only tick one of these:

  1. User Role Editor: Provides the ability to edit users’ capabilities.
  2. Capability Manager Enhanced: Another plugin that provides the ability to edit users’ capabilities.

Any of the given plugins will allow you to define new user roles and capabilities in your WordPress site. When you select a plugin, it will prompt you through the installation and the plugin will be forced active.

Deselecting any plugin will not remove it from your WordPress site, you will need to manually deactivate and uninstall it from your website or network.

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