Now WP Developers Can Easily List Their Plugins And Download Stats On Their WordPress Blogs

There is a new plugin for WordPress Plugin Developers that allows them to easily list their plugins and download counts from WordPress.Org to their self hosted WordPress sites.

If you are a WordPress plugin developer and want to show off the number of plugins you have in the WP Repository and all statistics showing how many times they’ve been downloaded the install and activate the brand new plugin called WP Plugin Repo Stats. Now by using its shortcode in your blog posts or pages you can create a table listing each plugin and its download times.

How To Use This Plugin ?

After activation you can use its shortcode to call the plugin from any page or post as shown below:

[plugin-repo-stats uid=”your userid” rounded=”false” cachetime=”3600″]


  • Fetches download counts for given profile ID
  • Adds rel=”nofollow” to each link
  • Uses rounded corner CSS
  • Caches the plugin output for one hour (3600 seconds = 60 seconds * 60 minutes)

Shortcode parameters and their default values are:

  • uid => ” – your profile ID
  • nofollow => true – include rel=”nofollow” after each link?
  • rounded => true – CSS class to round corners
  • cachetime => 43200 – number of seconds to cache the plugin output

You may leave out a parameter for using its default. You can style the output by using your own CSS learn more on styling at this plugin’s FAQs page.

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