How To Generate Category Grid View With Post Images In WordPress ?

With Category Grid View Gallery plugin you can automatically generate a grid view with images grabbed from certain category posts, great for creating portfolios and photo galleries. Check out its live demo HERE.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Category Grid View Gallery plugin. After activation use  shortcode: [cgview num=9 id=4 size=250×150] Where num is number of post images you want to show, id is category id and size is for images.

OR Alternatively you can use its shortcode generator.

There are many other cool features like:

  • Provides you pagination and themes
  • You can set what image to show: Post’s Featured image or First Image from post. Also you can show up a custom title for thumbnail other than default post title
  • You can manually upload your own default image those posts which don’t have any image.
  • Flexible and gets easily integrated with any template . Provides youboth shortcode and a template tag.
  • You can display posts from multiple categories.
  • Option for displaying posts in a cool light box overlay when clicked.

And there are many more features.

Plugin in action:

Post shows up in lightbox overlay:

Checkout its complete list of options and features on its Official website here.

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