Let Us All Stand For The Independence Of Internet With A Free ICANN

Let us all stand for the independence of Internet with a free ICANN. We should help everyone become a domain registrant and every domain registrant assert a right to vote in a free ICANN. 

This could get achieved only by globally distributing the right to vote up to every individual domain registrant. If realized it is going to become another great gain of America as its contribution to humanity. America shall substantially gain by distributing absolute authority over ICANN among all the domain registrants worldwide.

This shall always be remembered as Barack Obama led America’s greatest contribution for the independence of Internet and that too very effectively surmounting entire diplomatic pressure for sharing the control over ICANN. After accommodating the United Nations, US shall get honored for hosting the headquarters of Internet also.

This is not even directed against ICANN President either as this might truly make ICANN President a global leader even far greater than UN Secretary General and a lot stronger than US President. While the office of the ICANN would get adequately strengthened fulfilling all aspirations of domain registrants worldwide.

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