Control Sitewide HTML And CSS3 Responsive Accordions From One Place In WordPress

Accordion’s is the brand new responsive HTML and CSS3 accordion plugin that allows you to create accordions as custom post types in WordPress and then you can display them via shortcodes. The good thing about the plugin is that you can control all accordions added inside your posts from one central admin page. 

Accordion 2

This way you can edit any accordion style and even change its content without re-editing your articles like posts and pages etc. Great for showing e-commerce product information and pricing etc.

Main Plugin Features:
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready.
  • Unlimited accordions anywhere.
  • Use via short-code.
  • Different Theme.
  • Easy input field for accordions content.
  • Background Image for accordions area.
  • Custom Active accordions background color.
  • Custom default background color.
  • Custom font color and size for accordions header.
  • Custom font color and size for accordions content.
Start by installing and activating Accordion’s in WordPress

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard Accordions -> New Accordions page and give your accordion a title.

Accordions 1

Now scroll down and use style and content tabs to customize your accordion display and content. When your accordion is ready, simply copy its shortcode and use it on your posts and pages etc.

Accordions 2

Each accordion also provides you a PHP template which can be used in your theme’s template files.

Accordions 3

All accordions which you created can easily be edited, deleted and managed from all accordion’s page on your admin area dashboard Accordions -> Accordions (Main Page).

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