Best Twitter Bootstrap Accordions & Shortcode Plugins For WordPress

We have spend hours in selecting and providing you very cool list of some of the best shortcodes and accordions which gives you power to transform your free simple WordPress theme into a professional looking theme loaded with cool amazing features. You can use them for beautifying your website like adding awesome buttons to editor which provides you plenty of handy shortcodes for bootstrap based designs, buttons, frames, responsive embeds, icons, lists, infoboxes, responsive video embeds and loading your website with many great packs of shortcode styles.

Olevmedia Shortcodes

Olevmedia Shortcodes plugin adds a button to editor, which provides you plenty of handy shortcodes (buttons, icons, lists, infoboxes and more)

Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes

Shortcodes for creating accordions, horizontal accordions and tabs.

PPM Accordion

This plugin will add an expand collapse accordion feature inside a post or page.

Arconix Shortcodes

Arconix Shortcodes provides a number of useful design elements like buttons, boxes, tabs and toggles to help compliment any website.

Shortcodes Ultimate

Supercharge your WordPress theme with mega pack of shortcodes.

WordPress Shortcodes

An amazing free set of great elements for your site: SEO-ready tabs, sections, buttons, links to any content, author cards, lists, layouts and more!

WP UI – Tabs, Accordions, Sliders

Easily add Tabs, Accordion, dialogs and spoilers to your posts. With 14 fresh & Unique CSS3 styles and 24 multiple jQuery UI custom themes.

Simnor Shortcodes

Simnor Shortcodes is a user friendly shortcodes plugin, it adds a button to your editor to allow you to add basic shortcodes like buttons and columns to your website.


Tabs, toggles, accordions, and all that jazz. Bells and whistles done right.

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