Beautiful Mashable Style Social Sharing Function For WordPress

Mashshare Share Buttons is an awesome social sharing plugin with a high-performance sharing functionality inspired by the popular weblog Mashable. The plugin also displays the total share counts of Facebook and Twitter at a glance. (View Demo). The plugin uses the webservice and periodically checks for the total count of sharing made on Facebook and Twitter. It then calculates and shows the total count beside the Share buttons.

Simply install and activate it, after activation it adds the sharing buttons on top and the bottom of your posts. You can manually enable it for posts and other post types from its options page in Dashboard -> Settings -> Mashshare admin page.

Shortcodes & Template Code

You can use shortcode [mashshare] anywhere in pages or post’s text to show the buttons and total count where you like to at a custom position. Buttons are shown exactly where you put the shortcode in. For manually inserting the button use:mashsharer(); in your theme template files.


How To Manually Change The Color Of The Sharing Buttons?

Yes you can change the color and font size of Mashshare button by editing its CSS file

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