Loading Social Sharing Buttons As Fonts In WordPress

Fast & Easy Social Sharing is a simple, easy to use and very fast social media sharing plugin. It’s social sharing buttons are loaded as fonts which makes its loading very fast and can scale as large as you want them to be. It uses no JavaScript from any of the social networks, it works simply by making only two requests, first for the fonts and second for the stylesheet, that’s all, the buttons are displayed after your blog posts.

How To Use Fast & Easy Social Sharing Plugin?

Install and activate Fast & Easy Social Sharing. The plugin automatically starts displaying social sharing buttons after activation. For customizations visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Fast & Easy Social Sharing page and here you can set the following options:

  • Change text of Share This.
  • Change size of text for Share This.
  • Change size of share buttons.
  • Insert Twitter handle on tweet button.

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The plugin provides you social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn. For the time being, the buttons are displayed only on single posts and not pages or your homepage. Future version will have a feature to enable for pages.

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