Shardul Pandey Talks To Sergey Golovach

Shardul Pandey Talks To Sergey Golovach

Shardul Pandey: I welcome you Sergey at, please tell our netizens about yourself, your story.

Sergey Golovach: First of all, I thank you for your interest in my personality and my projects.

My name is Sergey Golovach. I am Russian but for several years I stay in Asia. I used to stay in China before and now I am staying in Vietnam.

I started my first business in 1999 when I was student. Later I realized what I can do well and what I am interested in. I like to solve problems and find the best ways to optimize business operations and minimize expenses of companies. So I provide consultancy services: private label / OEM manufacturing projects; finding suppliers and buyers; mediatory and negotiations; technologies.

I have imported and exported a lot of products, worked with many suppliers, made different projects so I have good experience and relations in different fields.

I also have one business for my soul: I produce 100% natural coffee in Vietnam (

Shardul Pandey: Why you decided to go for crowdfunding ?

Sergey Golovach: Some time ago I began to watch some projects at Indiegogo, Kickstarter, etc. And I could see that it is a great tool for some business projects to find investment and customers at the same time. Staying in Asia I have some friends who have manufacturing capacities but can not find enough customers to minimize their expenses and production cost. So now I am using crowdfunding platform to collect orders for good quality and rather cheap products. Now I have launched 2 campaigns:


I do not tell that these are new inventions made by me or my team. No. By the way, some project teams at crowdfunding platforms offer some known things made in Asia and tell they have developed them from zero. For example, some electronics, wooden accessories, etc. I do not tell the same. All I do is collect mass orders and investment to minimize the production prices. That’s easy to understand and absolutely fair.

After some time I will publish another project: 100% natural wooden and bamboo cases for iPhone and maybe other mobile phones hand-made in Vietnam. With this campaign I will support good local manufacturer and introduce a great product to the world. So watch my crowdfunding activity!

Shardul Pandey: What is your main plan ? Which project are you launching right now ? Where are you spending all your time and energy?

Sergey Golovach: From 2004 I have been in good relation with some teams inventing new technologies. I used to help them promoting their “know-how” and made some negotiations for these great people. Now we have checked with small pilot line and different kinds of raw materials the way of producing high-purity silicon dioxide (SiO2, aka silica), with purity minimum 5N (99.999%) using new environmental friendly and economical technology. We have successfully finished all the test and we are absolutely ready for mass production. I plan to build the factory in Vietnam as it is a great place for raw materials and I have good experience doing business here. It will be a really great project which will help minimize the prices for Si finally. And it will be a great investment opportunity with good return. From now I am ready to communicate with investors who can be interested in supporting this project. And I am ready to collect pre-orders for really cheap high-purity SiO2. Will I use crowdfinding for this? Maybe if I can not find enough investment to launch the project. What will be the perks? Good interest on investments. Is it risky? Absolutely not as the technology has been checked carefully during several years. Is it ready to start? Absolutely, we have all the necessary schemes, plans, calculations, etc. We are ready to build the factory. New SiO2 project will be launched here

You are the first online magazine I have shared these “secrets”.

Shardul Pandey: Would you like to tell us more about Wireless Micro HD ? Its brief history ? How it works ? How did you come with its concept ? What makes it different ?

Sergey Golovach: As I told before and wrote in the comments at Indiegogo page here it is just an OEM / re-branding manufacturing project. I do not not tell that it was developed by our team, I do not disassemble it to show how it looks inside to prove it is unique and I made all this myself. I want to be fair. It’s well-developed product and it was not my idea. Crowdfunding just helps to collect mass orders to make the production cost and final price cheaper. It’s good and useful product. It can be used as wearable camera, car DVR, surveillance camera, etc. And it has 2-way voice transmitting. It can work using wireless connection in cloud mode or direct mode and is compatible with iPhone / Android mobile phone and PC.

Shardul Pandey: How it will improve professional lives of its users ? Does it already exist anywhere ?

Sergey Golovach: Yes, it exists already but unfortunately many people do not know this product or consider it expensive. I try to change this situation. As this camera has a lot of possible applications and it’s rather affordable it can help people in many fields: Security monitoring – you can use this camera for real-time remote wireless surveillance directly via your mobile phone or PC, you can use it to control your children’s and pets’ activities and surroundings – because it can be mounted and it’s also wearable, and it has 2-way voice connection function, you can record videos, make photos everywhere you go – just use neck strap and wear this camera with you, or you can mount it in your car and use it as car DVR, it can be used as usual webcam, etc. etc. etc.

Shardul Pandey: How many people got associated for working together on this project ?

Sergey Golovach: Two of us are making this project. Me and my Asian partner. And of course a lot of people at the factory :)

Shardul Pandey: What is your business philosophy ? What drives you doing this ?

Sergey Golovach: When you see an opportunity just do it. Don’t loose time if you are sure you can do it well, and of course if you are sure customers will be satisfied.

Shardul Pandey: What makes your endeavors unique ?

Sergey Golovach: Not sure it is so unique. I just want to give a good product at good price to maximum of people.

Shardul Pandey: How other netizens can help you in this regard ?

Sergey Golovach: Sharing, recommending and sharing, sharing, sharing…

Shardul Pandey: What are your future plans ? Are you working on some other projects also ?

Sergey Golovach: I have one more project launched already with simple and cheaper product, see here: This is an ultra-portable WIFI wireless camera that allows users to view and record audio and video wirelessly on their PC or smart phones. It is simple & it has a great price. Soon I will launch another small project to promote products by one good Vietnamese manufacturer, hand-made natural wooden items. Coming soon… All that are manufacturing projects. They help people get good products at good prices but do not change the world generally. But the main project I spend all my efforts on is high-purity Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) production using new environmental-friendly and economical technology. We have spent several years for laboratory works and trial production and now we are absolutely sure for the mass production. We can produce high-purity (minimum 5N, 99.999%) SiO2 with very low production cost. I am not sure whether we will use crowdfunding for this because it’s a very good investment opportunity for potential investor as we give good interest with 100% success of the project. We CAN produce already and all we need is build a full-size factory. The demand for this product is very high, and until now it’s expensive due to old production technology. We will change the situation. What will it give to the world and people? Well, it’s another step to minimize the cost of SiO2 and end products like solar panels, etc. We will go this way also. You can watch this great project at – launching soon.

Shardul Pandey: What is your web address ? Where netizens can grab latest news feed of your projects ?

Sergey Golovach: I have several web addresses for different businesses. As I told you in the last e-mail I am doing several businesses, for example I produce coffee in Vietnam. So I recommend to watch – it will be really great and interesting after launching. Or better follow me in G+ (sergey.golovach) / Twitter (GolovachSergei). I am not active user of social networks but if I have an audience I will do my best to publish more interesting news and information. I will change :)

Shardul Pandey: What is your ultimate message for netizens?

Sergey Golovach: Be active, do what you think you must do, be confident in what you do, be fair and love your family!

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