Shardul Pandey Talks To Kenya Smith

Shardul Pandey Talks To Kenya SmithI welcome you Kenya at, please tell our netizens about yourself.

Well first let start off by saying my name is Kenya Smith and I’m the CEO/FOUNDER to YOUR WORLD MAGAZINE. I have come so far in my life. I never really had en one there to help and support me in anything I wanted to do out of life. When I was 19 I found myself in an abusive relationship where I gotten black eyes, Broken fingers and busted cheeks and it’s was by the same man who said he loved me every night, the same man who I laid down with and had his son. It took me a while to leave because I felt like if I left I would be anything with out him.

I’m 2008 I attempted to commit suicide. And i can honestly say that’s what woke me up and made the see the mean of life. After send a few day in the hospital and seeking help. I went home a new person. I finished college started make plans for my son and I.

In 2013 i started YOUR WORLD INC. ITS A magazine that showcase all up and coming artists and new talent around the world. The reason y i came up with this is because i feel there is a lot of talent out here that’s not being hear or seen. People who love what they do because of the passion and not just or money, those are people who has the story to tell and maybe their story can help other people like myself.

How exactly your idea sparked to start this magazine?

Well I came up with the idea of putting an online magazine to gather about two years ago when i moves back from Atlanta Georgia. I wanted to create a magazine called kreationz which would’ve been showcasing the talent of different beauticians and barber from around the world. But then i realized that there are plenty of hair magazine out and i wanted to created something more rather that people haven’t not seen, so that’s where i came up with the created a magazine that not only beautician and barber but for anyone who has a talent or a story to tell the world. I wanted people who wanted to let other people into their world and see what they have one offer or say and is having trouble doing it on their own. And that where i came up with the name your world magazine.


What is the story behind the domain and the name of your website? Why you chosen this name?

The name your world magazine came from the whole meaning to the online magazine. ‘your life, your world”. Individuals out there that’s has a talent, gift or a story to tell as myself. Being an abuse relationship for 3 years and tried to commit suicide but then walking away from that and graduated from college and started my own business.

Many female out here are in that same situation and don’t know who the talk to or don’t know how to leave. I feel like my story need to be heard and if i can just help one person out in my life, i feel complete.

There are a lot of people out here that have talent and it’s not about the money of the industry it the live and the passion they have for what they do and what the world to hear them. The domain name www.Yourworld-magazine.Us came from the magazine name itself.

Whether you work alone or you got people associated for working together?

Well actual currently im working alone. I do all my graphic, web design, interview, scheduling, editing. …Everything by myself.

What philosophy drives you doing this?

“A vision” a vision of helping someone else out in life. Help other people helps me to know i doing my job. It’s not about myself cause i can just make a website just featuring me but that not what i want. I want something that i can share to world about other people and their passions.

How much time you spend working on your website? What efforts you make for driving traffic and building your readership?

I say i spend at least 10 hours a day working on my site since I work alone and have different departments to the site. I just have to make sure everything is perfect. Either i working on setting up interview, editing interview, watching people videos or just promotions. I spend of my time not working and promoting the magazine on different social site like Facebook, intagram, or twitter.


What makes your endeavours unique on Internet?

What makes my magazine unique is because its online and easy to access 24/7. Also is that is a visual magazine your are able to watch and listen to different exclusive interview i have featured on the month issue.

Is there any more projects you are currently working?

I’m currently working on starting a management company. “yw management”. Hopefully in 2015 i’ll b able to launch it out.

Which country you are from? Tell us something about your city and your favorite hangout spots there?

I am from the United States of American. I current live in east Chicago, Indiana, which is about 15-20 minutes from Chicago, Illinois.

I love going out to eat and dinner or just a long walk in the park (in the summer) cause it does get very cold in the winter. One of my favorite spots i go to to sit and relax and have a drink or just talk with friends is call bar louie.

What is your ultimate message for netizens?

The ultimate message I trying to get out is if you have a talent or story don’t waste it let it be heard. Cause nit only will it help u but it can maybe help someone else.

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