Shardul Pandey Talks To Internet Entrepreneur Fabio Della Selva Who Created Fabcam.Net

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[quote style=”1″]When with some of your unique idea about enhancing utility of Internet you create a website on your domain and stay focused on it, I become more than willing for interviewing you as a freedom fighter whether you think so or not but you certainly become one for establishing Internet world order.
That’s why I appeal you to bring most of things at your domain under GPL as it is the very nature of Internet that must be left open, free, fluid and live for the rest of humanity

Shardul Pandey[/quote]

Shardul Pandey Talks To Fabio Della Selva

I welcome you in the Kingdom of Freedom Fabio, please tell our netizens about yourself?

My name is Fabio Della Selva I’m 27 years old and I’m a Designer and Developer with a big passion for photography, 3D, arts, computer graphic and music.

I’m about to degree in computer science engineering and I work in “Brain Computing”, a great Italian software house.

How exactly your idea sparked?

As I told before, I have a big passion for photography and I like so much to experiment new techniques and effects. One day some people I know looked some pictures edited by me and were very impressed, despite I explained them how I did those effects they found very hard to do it, so I started to think that probably an application that lets to edit photos easily, without any effort, for any level of user would be appreciated by the community.

At the beginning I wasn’t sure to be able to build something so difficult, but after the initial difficulties, I started to code it fastly. The first working version was ready in about 2 weeks and then I constantly updated it until the current version.

How many people got associated for working together?

At the moment I’m the only one who’s working on this project and on the other “Fab” projects. Maybe could sound weird but this is not my main activity and I usually work (with pleasure) on it in my free time.

How can you make Internet a little bit more interconnected?

I have many ideas like: adjustable filters, presets, multi effects, online printing system, mobile app, etc. In general i’d like to make it more professional and give more control to the users trying to keep it easy to use. I built other applications/experiments like: FabRelax, FabGen, FabTip, FabTask, FabOracle, FabGen, etc. All these apps are available for free on

What makes your endeavors unique on Internet?

There are a lot of similar and valid alternatives to FabCam, but I always tried to make it as complete as possible.

I didn’t stop to simple effects, I added frames, texture, objects, text, that you can combine to reach your own result. I tried to make it scalable and easily expandable. The users can change options, blend mode, position so they can go beyond to simple presets.

What philosophy drives you for doing this?

I work on FabCam mainly because I like the project and I have a lot of fun doing this! It’s a project that lets me to be creative and it’s helping me to learn new languages and techniques. I’m happy to see that the users appreciate my work and efforts, that’s giving me a lot of satisfactions.

What is your ultimate message for netizens?

I would like to finish with an advice for anyone. If you have an idea that may seem difficult to develop, you have to do everything is possible to achieve it, because things that seem more difficult are the ones that give you greater satisfaction.

Thank you very much Fabio for opting Internet as your place of doing business. I wish you success in upgrading humanity!

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