Shardul Pandey Talks To Internet Entrepreneur John Millward Who Created BlogCalculator.Com

BlogCalculator.Com is a valuation tool that simply works out an estimated value for your weblog. The website is still in BETA mode and developers are still taking attempts to make it more accurate. For generating your weblog value the service uses Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Domain Name; Extension & Length, Indexed Pages, Dmoz Listing, Pillar Articles, Unique Design, Global Appeal, Traffic,  Age, Post Frequency & Length etc.

If you are a WordPress user then you can download its Free WordPress Plugin, a simple widget which calculates and displays a value for your weblog.

[quote style=”1″]When with some of your unique idea about enhancing utility of Internet you create a website on your domain and stay focused on it, I become more than willing for interviewing you as a freedom fighter whether you think so or not but you certainly become one for establishing Internet world order. That’s why I appeal you to bring most of things at your domain under GPL as it is the very nature of Internet that must be left open, free, fluid and live for the rest of humanity

Shardul Pandey[/quote]

I welcome you John, please tell our netizens about yourself ?

John MillwardI am a UK base entrepreneur. My background is primarily in databases and business intelligence consultancy, but looking to move into the world of SAAS and internet software development. I live in Central England with my wife and son.

How did you come up with the concept of BlogCalculator.Com ?

I purchased Blog Calculator fairly recently, when it was just a website – however I always had plans to turn it into something more even before the purchase was complete. It’s a fun little gadget and introduces the idea of value for primarily hobby blogs. I guess the big commercial blogs already have an idea of their value, so this is really for the other people, those who write about things they care about rather than just for revenue.

So you work alone or there are people associated for working  together ?

My wife and I run the business, we have diverse interests, such as a portfolio of websites – like our e-commerce site at – as well as working in collaboration with another business here in the UK to build an online Report Development Lifecycle Tool. We also outsource some of our work to partners in India.

What is you business philosophy ? And What makes your endeavors unique on Internet?

The main reason for trying to move the business from everyday consultancy in more of a web direction is to move to a more fluid business model which will allow us to spend more time with our son and together as a family.

I am pretty sure that we are not unique, however we are ethical. Everything that we try to do is to produce quality products which people can purchase at a fair price. For example; all of the toys I our toyshop are high quality wooden toys produced by manufacturers who care about and for their staff and have a keen environmental policy.

Any future plans? What is your ultimate message for netizens?

The next step for Blog Calculator is a redesign of the website, to introduce a user signup model where users of the plugin or just website users can share their profiles and calculated values – to see where their blog sits within their chosen niche.

Ultimate message? Hmmmm . . . .Enjoy life and take people as they come. . .

Thank you very much John for opting Internet as your place of doing business. I wish you success in upgrading humanity!

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