Building Account Based Guest Posting System In WordPress

Creating an account based guest posting system means you want to all guest post bloggers to be registered on your WordPress site as a contributor role. You can simply enable registration from your website settings and select the default user role as ‘Contributor’, contributors cannot publish any post directly instead they can only leave the post for review. Peter’s Collaboration E-mails make this system more powerful and much better. It is a free WordPress plugin which enables automatic emails to the relevant users on your website during the collaboration workflows.

How this plugin is useful for Guest Posting System?

What this plugin does is soon after the activation it transforms the publish button for each and every contributor and they see a new button ‘Submit for Review’.

Now when any contributor saves any post for the review the other specific roles (defined in settings) receive an email notification message telling them that a post has been submitted for reviewing.

And at that very time, the contributor also gets an email with message that his post has been marked for review and will be processed by the moderators soon.

And when a post gets approved. The contributor user (i.e. real post author) gets another email notifying him that his post has been approved. When the post was directly published, the use gets the post link. When a post is scheduled, the user is informed about its publishing time followed by the another email when his post goes live.

How to Configure Peter’s Collaboration E-mails?

After you activate Peter’s Collaboration E-mails plugin, visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Collaboration Emails page. General admin of the page is the moderator by default but you can add more users as post moderator simply by adding their names from the given dropdown.

The plugin allows you to assign moderators by creating their groups or you can assign moderators by post types and taxonomies and there are many-many more easy customization settings. You can also use the plugin with Peter’s Post Notes plugin and your users will be able to leave notes to go with the e-mails in each step.

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