Bring More Traffic With More Comments By Auto-Syncing Your WordPress Blog Posts To Newsgrape

Newsgrape Sync, a WP Plugin automatically syncs your WordPress posts to your account. Editing or deleting of any post also replicated and it also allows you to crosspost all existing posts to, Not only this much but the best part of this plugin is it also integrates the Newsgrape comments inside your WordPress posts.

Connecting to Newsgrape is good, it drives more traffic and engagement to your blog. It provides smart filtering and helps to find better content to its readers through charts, social media observation and subscriptions.

Basic Features Includes

Post Editing:

  • Autom sync – create/edit/delete posts
  • Language Selection, License, Post Type for each of your post
  • Enter Newsgrape intro text for each article (this is also shown in your WordPress article)

Post Management:

  • You may exclude categories from syncing
  • You can publish or delete multiple posts at once
  • You may set Newsgrape options for multiple posts at once


  • It doesn’t require any editing inside your WordPress theme
  • You can show Newsgrape’s commenting system in your WP site.

It recognizes your blog when you change your domain name.

So check it out Install and activate Newsgrape Sync Plugin then follow these simple steps:

  1. Click “Newsgrape” from your admin dashboard and configure your settings.
  2. Now enter your Login data and continue.
  3. If you yest don’t have a Newsgrape account the from right side of  Login you can create your account on Newsgrape.

After connecting to Newsgrape account you can easily configure other settings from plugin’s option page as shown in the following image:

Newsgrape Plugin Options Page
Fast Edit Posts, You Can Sync All Of Your Posts At Once
A Newsgrape Synced Post

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