Give Better Look To Your Food Recipes In WordPress. Automatically Create Google Recipe View

If you are running a recipe blog, posting your food recipes in WordPress is easy now. You can get them automatically formatted in a better recipe and as per Google Recipe View.

Easy Recipe

EasyRecipe is a WordPress plugin that makes recipe easy to enter, format and print in your blog and also automatically get that as per Google’s Recipe View.

It makes easy for you to enter recipe and includes features like cut and paste, auto conversion of your plain text recipe posts, live custom formatting, Google Recipe View formatting and preview button, automatic ratings, conversion from other recipe plugins like ZipList and RecipeSEO and many more.

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Installation & Usage: Posting your recipe and getting the Google Recipe View correct microdata is both time consuming and geeky and mostly all cooks prefer to cook and share, not  to code pages. Using this plugin solves the problem. So install and activate this plugin. You will get a chef icon on “Add New Post” and “Edit Post” pages next to the editor formatting buttons.

Now enter (or cut and paste) your recipe into EasyRecipe. Any line beginning with an exclamation mark get formatted as heading. Click “Add Recipe” button to save. Now insert it inside your post. View FAQs

Following are some more cool recipe plugins provides different look and features to your WordPress recipe blog:

RecipeCan Recipes

It simply organizes recipes of your blog allowing you to insert each recipe inside a post and also get stored on a recipe page. It allows you to post, edit, and browse recipes and images.

Recipe Page Showing Different Recipes (View More Screenshots)
Recipe Post (View More Screenshots)


Easily turn any WordPress site into a fully fledged recipe sharing system including user contributions. It gives a different, clean and cool look than other WordPress plugins, as you can see in the following screenshots. Includes same recipe features like other plugins.


Recipe Post Page
Category Page

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