Best Plugin For Auto Tweeting Your WordPress Blog Posts

Tweetily – Tweet Your Posts Automatically! is the best plugin for auto tweeting your WordPress posts. Easy to install, easy to connect with twitter, automatically promotes your posts and pages on Twitter, keep your content alive and drive traffic to your site. Works better than Tweet Old Post Plugin. Set it and forget it!

Tweetily Has All Good And Easy Working Features That Everyone Needs:-

  1. Tweet Content – You can select what you like to share in your tweets, you can select from post title,post body and both title and body to tweet.
  2. Additional Text – You can easily add addition text like @name etc with psot auto tweets.
  3. Additional Text Location – you can select additional text location. You can place additional text before or after your actual tweets content.
  4. Include Link – You can include a link to your post, directing your tweet viewers to your WordPress site.
  5. Hashtags –  It allows you to add hashtags automatically by providing following options like Using no hashtag, Using common hashtags for all tweets, Auto creating hashtags from post tags, Auto creating hashtags from post categories.
  6. Number of hashtags – You can even choose the number of hashtags to be included per tweet. Suppose one of your post is having 5 post tags and here in this plugin you maximum number of tags to be used is 1. In that case only adds first tags and leaves the last ones.
  7. Time between tweets – You can set the time interval between each post tweet.
  8. Random Time Added – You can enter the r
  9. Minimum age of post – You can choose the minimum age of post. This this the number of days.
  10. Maximum age of post – You can enter the maximum age for not
  11. Enable Logging – Checking this option save a log of actions in log file.
  12. Number of Tweets – Allows you to choose the number of tweets to be posted at one time.
  13. Select post type from pages, posts or both pages and posts.
  14. Exclude Categories option allows you to exclude certain post categories from tweets.


Download Tweetily – Tweet Your Posts Automatically! plugin. After installing and activating it, you can access it from Dashboard->Tweetily. It adds another tab on your WordPress Dashboard’s Sidebar.

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